Ocean Science Foundation      
The Ocean Science Foundation (OSF) promotes research on coral reefs and other endangered tropical marine ecosystems

Mission Statement: The Ocean Science Foundation (OSF) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) set up to facilitate research on endangered tropical marine ecosystems. Our mission is to provide a frictionless route to publication for reearch papers in the field. In addition, we collaborate with conservation and academic NGOs in scientific research projects based in developing countries, especially projects on the ecology and conservation of coral reefs.


The Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation (JOSF) has now published its 40th volume, mostly publishing articles on tropical marine ichthyology, becoming one of the main venues for new species descriptions for coral-reef fishes. JOSF has facilitated and published taxonomic papers by the leaders in the field: Jack Randall, recently deceased, who was a monumental figure in fish taxonomy, and among others, Gerry Allen, Dave Greenfield, and Bill Smith-Vaniz-- all pioneers in the field of taxonomy of coral-reef fishes.