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List of Fishes of the Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador

Jack Stein Grove, Douglas J. Long, D. Ross Robertson & Benjamin C. Victor


In preparation for the IUCN Redlist Assessment for the fishes of the Galapagos Archipelago, we have reviewed the literature to date and surveyed the observations of the various experts and naturalists most familiar with the region. Using this information, we have assembled a list of fishes know to occur on the islands (Table 1). We define the area as the islands and adjoining shelf slope to the abyssal region, and evaluate whether each species comprises a resident population or is a vagrant (likely not to be a self-recruiting population).
The present list, arranged in taxonomic order following Catalog of Fishes, includes 644 species of fishes, with 56 in Chondrichthyes and 576 bony fishes. Of the total, 66 are considered vagrants, many of which are Indo-Pacific coral-reef species that are sporadic or even single records. There are 37 documented endemic species, including some reef species with relatively short larval lives, such as blennioids, gobioids, and haemulids.



Grove, J.S., Long, D.J., Robertson, D.R. & Victor, B.C. (2022) List of Fishes of the Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador. Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation, 39, 14-22.

publication date: 9 September 2022