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Nemateleotris exquisita, a new microdesmid fish from the Indian Ocean (Perciformes: Microdesmidae)

John E. Randall & Allan D. Connell


A key and color illustrations are provided for the four species of the microdesmid fish genus Nemateleotris: N. magnifica (Fowler), N. helfrichi (Randall & Allen), N. decora (Randall & Allen), and the new species Nemateleotris exquisita, described in this paper from nine specimens collected from Mauritius (type locality), KwaZulu-Natal, and the Red Sea from depths of 35-69 m. The new species is distinguished from the western Pacific sibling species N. decora by having a more slender body, longer snout, usually shorter first dorsal spine, and by color (the pale anterior part of the body is yellow and extends more posterior). Also there appears to be a difference in the maximum size of the two species. The largest N. decora measures 49.5 mm standard length, compared to 66 mm for N. exquisita. The first author photographed an individual of the genus Nemateleotris in the Maldives in 1988 that is identified as a probable hybrid, N. decora x N. exquisita.



Randall, J.E. & Connell, A.D. (2013) Nemateleotris exquisita, a new microdesmid fish from the Indian Ocean (Perciformes: Microdesmidae). Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation, 8, 18-29.

publication date: 1 October 2013