Journal of the
Ocean Science Foundation

An open-access free online peer-reviewed Marine Biology Journal, since 2008.

published by the Ocean Science Foundation

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JOSF, the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation


Benjamin C. Victor, Guy Harvey Research Institute, Dania Beach, FL, USA (editor)

John E. Randall, Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI, USA

Sergey Bogorodsky, Station of Naturalists, Omsk, Russia

Gerald R. Allen, Western Australian Museum, Australia

Submission criteria:

JOSF accepts research articles and notes pertaining to the taxonomy and ecology of tropical marine fishes for an international audience. Manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least two reviewers and the decision of the editor is final.

For each submission, the authors confirm that:

1) All authors agree to its submission and the corresponding author has been authorized by all co-authors.

2) The manuscript has not been published before in any significant part or all and is not concurrently being considered for publication elsewhere.

3) The manuscript does not violate any copyright or other personal proprietary right of any person or entity and it contains no abusive, defamatory, obscene, or fraudulent statements, nor any other statements that are unlawful in any way.

4) All articles and notes are OPEN ACCESS under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0 license; authors acknowledge that all of their production is released under that license and they are fully permitted to release under that license.

FORMAT: authors should follow the format in the latest issue of the journal-- critical elements include: names and academic addresses of all authors, with contact information for at least the corresponding author; a full citation for each reference cited, with doi if available; the source of all material examined; the placement of all types at accepted ichthyological museums with valid accession numbers; all DNA sequences cited are to be submitted to GenBank and provided with an accession number in the manuscript; the article and each new species description will be assigned a code number for taxonomic acts at; acknowledgments of colleagues' assistance and grant funding for the project.

Authors will provide informative journal titles, fully descriptive article titles and author abstracts, complete bibliographic information for all cited references, and full address information for every author.


Peer Review

All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by two or more experts in the field selected by the editors to maintain the overall quality and integrity of the research presented and the completeness of bibliographic elements, especially cited references.

Ethical Publishing Practices

JOSF follows established ethical publishing practices- there is no charge for any submission or publication, or any charge for accessing articles or notes, which are all open access by Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0. Excessive self-citation, fraudulent citation, misuse of copyrighted material, or misleading statements will prevent acceptance of any manuscript for publication.

Publishing Format

The journal is published in both print or electronic format as PDF files. All publications are in standard English.


The journal is published in regular issues at a steady but increasing rate due to increasing numbers of submissions- each article is published electronically online individually as finalized, with each assemblage of about 100 pages combined into a volume and published in print immediately after completion of a volume. The stated rate of publishing is one volume quarterly with additional issues as volume demands.